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Garfield County Courthouse
Small Claims
Small claims suits may be brought for amounts in controversy not exceeding $10,000.00. Small claims are one of 3 types: Money Judgment – plaintiff asks for past due money (ex. Loans, damages, or to reclaim personal property) Forcible Entry - when plaintiff is collecting back due rent and is seeking possession of the property.  A 5 Day Notice with the plaintiff’s notarized signature is posted to start the Forcible Entry process.   Once the 5th day is past, on the 6th day if the defendant(s) has not moved out then the plaintiff may come in to file the Forcible Entry case.  Forcible Entries are set for hearing between 5 and 10 days after filing. No Forcible Entries will be filed on Fridays.  Replevin/Money Judgment - when the plaintiff wants the property or the money value for the property.  Forms to initiate a small claims action are available in the Court Clerk’s Office.  A Cover Sheet which includes both the plaintiff’s and defendant’s information is to be filled out.  For one defendant then you will need 4 copies of the Small Claims Affidavit.  If there is more than one defendant, then you will add a copy of the affidavit for every defendant added.  Small claims cases are set for hearing approximately 4-6 weeks out. Court is held on Wedensdays at 9:00am Filing fees must be paid at the time of filing Service Fee: The defendant will also need to be served notice of filing of small claim action.  There are 3 choices for service: The Sheriff may serve notice.  This method requires $50.00 payable to the Court Clerk’s Office. A Private Process Server may serve the paperwork.  You will be responsible for getting the paperwork to the private process server and taking care of their fee with them. Certified Mail is a $10.00 fee payable to the Court Clerk’s Office.  The defendant will have to sign for the document to show personal service. Collecting judgments: You should appear in court on your court date, whether or not the defendant has been served. When your name is called, please inform the judge that you are here and whether you are the plaintiff or defendant. If the plaintiff receives judgment, then it is the plaintiff’s responsibility to file the journal entry form signed by the judge in the Court Clerk’s Office. There are several ways to collect judgment such as through garnishments or hearing on assets. However, the Court Clerk’s Office cannot advise you on how to collect a civil judgment, nor do we collect civil judgments.  Garnishment paperwork is available at the Court Clerk’s Office. The following forms available online: Small Claims Cover Sheet Money Judgment Affidavit Replevin/Money Judgment Affidavit Forcible Entry Affidavit 5 Day Notice.  Statewide Process Servers Counterclaim or Setoff Any question regarding the Forcible Entry & Detainer may be found that the following link:  Landlord Tenant Act Any question regarding Replevin/ Money Judgment and Money Judgment please call the Small Claims Clerk at (580) 237-0232.
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Small Claims