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Garfield County Court Clerk
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Garfield County Courthouse
Probate Department
The Court Clerk’s Office does not provide paperwork for filings. CASE TYPE DESCRIPTION PB PROBATE OF ESTATE  PB JUDICIAL DETERMINATION OF DEATH PG GUARDIANSHIP.  These records are confidential.  Only the attorneys of record, the guardian or ward may review the file with prior approval by the Judge. PG RELATIVE GUARDIANSHIP.  These records are confidential. PC CONSERVATORSHIP.  These records are confidential. FA ADOPTIONS.  Adoptions are confidential and require a judge’s approval to access records.  No information is given over the telephone.  Once a final decree has been filed, records may not be accessed without a court order MH MENTAL HEALTH.  All mental health records are confidential.  A court order is required to access these records. Any question regarding Probate cases please call the Probate Department at (580) 237-0232. PROBATE DEPARTMENT – FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Question 1. How do I file a probate? Answer In the same manner as any civil action by paying the statutory court filing costs and filing a petition for probate. Question 2. Do I need an attorney? Answer No, but probate is a highly specialized field of law and retaining a qualified attorney is recommended. Question 3. What are Letters? Answer Letters of Administration are issued by the probate judge to the personal representative to facilitate handling of the decedent’s affairs. Question 4. How do I change title to property? Answer Property title may be changed after a judge issues an order allowing it.  Property papers are typically filed with the County Clerk. Question 5. How do I access bank accounts? Answer A court order allows access to bank accounts. For more information contact the Probate Department at 580-237-0232.
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