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The Appeal Process In accordance with State Law, property owners wishing to appeal an assessment must first hold a conference with the PVA office before or during the open inspection period. Each year, the inspection period begins on the first Monday in May and is open for thirteen days following; the dates are published each year in the News-Enterprise Newspaper. If you receive an assessment notice, the dates are also on your notice. If an agreement is reached as a result of your PVA conference, no further action is required. If an agreement is not reached as a result of your PVA conference, the property owner must then file the appeals form with the Hardin County Clerk Office. The County Clerk's office will schedule a hearing with the Hardin County Board of appeals and property owner. If after appearing before the Hardin County Board of Assessment Appeals, you wish to appeal further, the next procedure is to request an appeal before the Kentucky Board of Tax Appeals. The KBTA will send you notification of the date and time of your appeal. The Appeal Process 
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