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  • Agricultural Classification

    Pursuant to Florida Statutes 193.461(3)(a), "No land shall be classified as agricultural land unless an application is filed on or before March 1 of each year. Only lands which are used primarily for bona fide agricultural purposes shall be classified as agricultural. "Bona fide agricultural purposes" means good faith commercial agricultural use of land."

    January 1st is the statutory assessment date therefore the property must be in use on or before this date or a reasonable effort has been made to place the property in use.

    The filing deadlines for agricultural classification is between January 1st and March 1st of each year.

  • Agricultural Classification Application
  • Agricultural Classification Guidelines

  • IMPORTANT: Agricultural Classification is not transferable. If the property is sold or transferred from one owner to another, a new application must be filed. If any changes in the use of the property it is important to notify the Property Appraiser's office.

    All applications must be reviewed by the Property Appraiser who either approves or disapproves the application. He may at that time request additional information to assist in his determination. If the application is denied you will be notified by mail at which time you can ask to discuss the denial with the Property Appraiser.

    Agricultural zoning of your property does not automatically entitle you to agricultural classification for taxation purposes. They are not one and the same.

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