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It is the Assessor's responsibility to establish fair and equitable values for all Real Estate, taxable Personal Property, and taxable Motor Vehicles located within the Town. The Assessment Year begins October 1st and continues to the following September 30th of each year. All assessment work must be completed for finalization of the Grand List on January 31st.                       When the Assessor's Office is closed, Assessor's Street Cards (field cards) and Comparable Sales Notebooks are available in the Town Clerk's Office.   The Assessor's Office: Discovers, lists, and values all taxable and non-taxable real estate and personal property.  Publishes annual grand lists for real estate, personal property, and motor vehicles. Determines the eligibility of property tax exemptions for:   Organizations Veterans Disabled   Processes tax rebate applications for: Elderly or disabled homeowners and renters Prepares field cards and plot maps. Publishes annual grand list for real estate, personal property, and motor vehicles.   Revaluation: October 1, 2017 was the last revaluation done in Morris and the next scheduled revaluation is October 1, 2022.  Mill Rates: Mill Rate for the 10/1/2017 Grand List is 26.57 Mill Rate for the 10/1/2016 Grand List is 28.65 Mill Rate for the 10/1/2015 Grand List is 27.83 Mill Rate for the 10/1/2014 Grand List is 25.92 Mill Rate for the 10/1/2013 Grand List is 22.38 Mill Rate for the 10/1/2012 Grand List is 21.65 Mill Rate for the 10/1/2011 Grand List is 21.9 Mill Rate for the 10/1/2010 Grand List is 20.83 Mill Rate for the 10/1/2009 Grand List is 20.6 Mill Rate for the 10/1/2008 Grand List is 20.6 Mill Rate for the 10/1/2007 Grand List is 20.6 Mill Rate for the 10/1/2006 Grand List is 20.67 Mill Rate for the 10/1/2005 Grand List is 20.51
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Town of Morris, CT Tax Assessor
Assessor      - Betsy A. Quist, CCMA II Clerk           - Vacant Hours          - Thursdays 1pm - 4pm   Location:        Morris Town Hall - lower level   3 East Street        Morris, CT 06763    Mailing Morris Tax Assessor Address:          3 East Street - P.O. Box 66                         Morris, CT 06763 Please leave a message for call back Phone:  (860) 567-6096    |   Fax: (860) 567-7432 Email: assessor@townofmorrisct.com  
ASSESSORS OFFICE STARTING JUNE 14, 2021 THURSDAYS 1PM - 4PM Please email the office during other hours at assessor@townofmorrisct.com