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Town of Griswold, CT Tax Assessor
Q. How is the value of my Motor Vehicle determined? Standard price guidelines (NADA) are used to determine the average retail value of your motor vehicles. The assessment is based on 70 percent of these values. Q. What if I think my assessment is not accurate? You have the right to appeal to the Board of Assessment Appeals. The BAA conducts hearings twice a year during the months of March (for all types of properties) and September (for Motor Vehicles appearing on the October 1st List). Q. Why do I still get billed for a vehicle in Griswold when I no longer live there? You need to change your address with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Q. Why do I still get a bill for a vehicle I no longer own? If you owned a vehicle as of October 1st of any given year, you are responsible for the July bill. You may receive a credit or refund if you provide proof to the assessor. ANSWERS REGARDING MOTOR VEHICLES FROM THE GRISWOLD ASSESSOR'S OFFICE Motor Vehicle assessments are based on what was registered in your name on October 1 of any given year. Vehicles purchased or newly registered after October 1 and before August 31 of any given year, will be taxed January 1 of the next year. If the motor vehicle was owned on October 1 of any given year, it is taxable. However, if the vehicle was sold, stolen, totally destroyed or registered in another state a tax adjustment may be applicable. MOTOR VEHICLE NOTICE  ASSESSOR’S OFFICE Due to the lack of available storage space, as of January 1, 2008, we can no longer hold onto your documentation for returned motor vehicle plates or disposal of vehicle information. It will be your responsibility to retain the mandatory plate receipt and second form of proof. Please retain both forms of proof and bring them in with the tax bill that you receive from the Tax Collector. If any credit is due, this office will address it at that time. MANDATORY RECEIPTS OF PROOF DMV PLATE RECEIPT      A plate receipt from the DMV indicating that the registration has been cancelled, lost or stolen. MANDATORY ADDITIONAL PROOF OF WHAT WAS DONE WITH THE VEHICLE IN QUESTION 1. Copy of the bill of sale (located on the bottom of the registration) 2. Signed copy of the transfer of title 3. Out of state registration (date of when registered out of state) 4. Stolen vehicle - a statement from the insurance company that the vehicle was stolen and not recovered 5. Totaled vehicle - a statement from the insurance company indicating that the vehicle was a total loss 6. Junked vehicle – a notarized receipt from a junkyard 7. Trade-in vehicle – a signed copy of a purchase agreement identifying the trade-in vehicle PLEASE NOTE: All information must be DATED and have the VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER on it. For more information contact the Assessor's office. Q. Are there any programs for Senior Citizens? If you or your spouse is over 65 or disabled and you live in your own home, you may be eligible for a tax credit which could reduce your tax bill subject to income verification. If you are a renter, you may be eligible for rent reimbursement based on age and income. For more information contact the Assessor's Office. Q. Could I qualify for any exemptions? Veteran Spouse of a Deceased Veteran Disabled Veteran Blind or Totally Disabled Motor Vehicle of Service Person Forest, Farm, Open Space
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