Welcome to the Warren County, Kentucky PVA Office Welcome to the website for the Warren County P.V.A. Office. This website is dedicated to promoting a realistic goal in helping the public understand the workings of the P.V.A. Office and the steps that are followed to treat everyone fairly and in an equitable manner. We shall maintain the website to address questions about Kentucky property tax system. New policies and procedures and current statues will be posted to keep taxpayers informed. The tax roll is updated regularly. We offer the certified tax roll as well as the working roll. Also available will be characteristics, photos, maps, and sketches, as well as ownership information. Visit our Tax Roll site for complete information. Kentucky property tax law establishes the assessment date as of January 1st. All property is assessed as of that date. Ownership of property for tax purposes is also set by the January 1st requirement. If a property is purchased after that date, state statute requires the tax bill be issued in the name of the former owner until the next calendar year. An attempt is made to mail the tax bill to the new owners using the information provided to us by a tax agreement from the buyer or seller. If, however, a new owner does not receive a copy of the tax bill, the owner may contact the Sheriff's Office at 270-842-1633 to obtain a copy. If you have any specific questions, comments, or suggestions concerning the PVA Office, please email pva@warrenpva.ky.gov 
Warren County PVA Bob Branstetter
    429 E 10th Ave Ste 300     Bowling Green, KY  42101-6800 Phone: 270-843-3268 Fax:270-781-5767  pva@warrenpva.ky.gov 
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Notice of Cancellation of In-Person Government Services to the Public Download the announcement from Gov. Beshear
The Warren County PVA Office is giving free access to our site until July 31, 2020, if you can’t find the answers you need online please contact our office at 270-843-3268, Extension 1 for Real Estate or Extension 2 for Personal Property and Motor Vehicles, or by email to:  pva@warrenpva.ky.gov
2020 TANGIBLE PERSONAL PROPERTY TAX RETURNS The deadline for filing TANGIBLE PERSONAL PROPERTY TAX RETURNS is July 15th, 2020 You may send the returns to our office by the following methods: Mail: Warren County PVA PO Box 1269 Bowling Green, KY  42102-1269 Email:  Allison.taylor@warrenpva.ky.gov Fax : (270) 781-5767