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Sutherland Building, Second Floor 113 East Stephen Foster Avenue Bardstown KY 40004 (502) 348-1810 Office Hours: 8am to 4pm Mon-Fri
Welcome In an effort to better reach taxpayers and other interested parties, the Nelson County PVA has developed this website. The Nelson County PVA Office is dedicated to serving the public and providing an understanding of the operations of the PVA office. This website will provide general information, property information, as well as, important forms and schedules for filing property taxes. This site has links to state agencies, local agencies and associations. This website contains information regarding property located in Nelson County, Kentucky. The Nelson County PVA Office maintains this website to assist the public with any questions regarding the Kentucky Property Tax System. The current certified Tax Roll (assessments), characteristics (when available), as well as, ownership information are available. Limited information is provided to guests of this site. To access our entire database you must subscribe to our website. Kentucky property tax law establishes the assessment date as of January 1st. All property is assessed as of that date.  Ownership of property for tax purposes is also set by the January 1st requirement. If a property is purchased after that date, state statute requires the tax bill be issued in the name of the former owner until the next calendar year.  An attempt is made to mail the tax bill to the new owners using information provided to us by recorded deeds. If, however, a new owner does not receive a copy of the tax bill, the owner may contact the Sheriff's Office to obtain that information. If you have any comments or questions about our services, please contact me at  (502) 348-1810 or by email at  jay.williams@ky.gov Thank you, Jay Williams Nelson County PVA
Nelson County Property Valuation Administrator Jay Williams