Logan County has seven different districts of taxation. Each district is listed below with its corresponding 2019 tax rates.

For real estate, all districts will include the state and county tax rate. Each rate will include either the county school rate or the Russellville Independent School rate. Each tax bill should also include a rate for the library, health department, and the county extension service.

In addition to these normal taxing districts, Logan County has two "special districts". These are both watershed districts. Big Muddy Creek and the Mud River Watershed Districts have special rates and are only assessed to the property that lies within the boundaries of these specific districts.

Along with watersheds, Logan County also has an assessment of 3 cents per acre for fire acres and all forest land.

For personal property, these districts apply as well. But not all property is subject to local tax rates.

Personal property such as manufacturing machinery is not subject to any "local" rates, only a state rate.

Please refer to your personal property tax return to determine which rates apply to your property.

"Watershed Districts"
Big Muddy $00.10
Mud River $00.0135
All rates expressed in cents per $100 assessment.

DISTRICT 01 - District 01 is all property that lies in the county, not in any city limits and within the county school district.
Total 90.492

DISTRICT 02 - District 02 is all property that lies within the city limits of Russellville and within the boundaries of the Russellville City School District.
Total 130.392

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