Welcome to the website for the Lincoln County Property Valuation Administrator's Office!

In an effort to better serve property owners, appraisers, bankers, realtors, and other government officials, the Lincoln County PVA and qPublic have entered into an agreement to create this website, at no cost to the taxpayers of Lincoln County. This site will give general information about our office, links to other local and state gencies, links to forms, and the availability to subscribe and access the Lincoln County PVA Office's tax roll and mapping database.


  • Collect taxes

  • Set tax rates

  • Send tax bill


  • List all taxable property in the County. The PVA must maintain a roster, or list, of all property and property owners in Lincoln County.

  • Assess the value of all property. In order to estimate value, the PVA staff measure and photograph buildings and structures in the County. We also maintain maps showing the location of each property. We then estimate the "fair cash value", which is defined as the price a property would bring in a fair voluntary sale.

  • Prepare the tax roll, which is a list of all property, property owners and assessments in Lincoln County. The tax roll is available to the public for inspection.

The Lincoln County PVA is a locally elected official responsible for assessing all property, both real and personal, in Lincoln County. All property, unless specifically exempted by the Constitution, is taxable. Kentucky property tax law sets the assessment date as January 1st of each year. All property is assessed as of that date.

A note from the Lincoln County PVA:

For those of you who haven't met me, I encourage you to stop by the office, and meet me and my team.
I'll be happy to speak with you, if you have questions or concerns.
Or contact our office at 606-365-4550, or email maryl.adams@ky.gov

Mary Adams

Lincoln County PVA
201 E Main Street Suite 2
Stanford, KY 40484
Office: 606-365-4550
Fax: 606-365-2159