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Welcome to the Greenup County Property Valuation Administrators Web Site
In recent years, the Property Valuation Administrator's offices have had to handle an increasing number of requests for information from appraisers, bankers, other government officials, and property owners. This has required the PVA and staff to develop innovative procedures so that the additional workload can be handled in an efficient manner. The Internet has opened up a new opportunity for our office to better serve the taxpayer. This web site is dedicated to promoting a realistic goal to help the public understand the workings of the PVA office and the steps that are followed to treat everyone fairly and in an equitable manner. Kentucky property tax law establishes the assessment date as of January 1st. All property is assessed as of that date. Ownership of property for tax purposes is also set by the January 1st requirement. If a property is purchased after that date, state statute requires the tax bill be issued in the name of the former owner until the next calendar year. An attempt is made to mail the tax bill to the new owners using the information provided to us by a tax agreement from the buyer or seller. If, however, a new owner does not receive a copy of the tax bill, the owner may contact the Sheriff's Office at (606) 473-7037. If you have any specific questions, comments, or suggestions concerning the PVA Office, please call us at (606) 473-9984.
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