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To obtain general information about the processes followed for real property assessments, appeals, tax rates and property tax bill collections, please go to:


The Clark County PVA office is dedicated to being fair and equitable to all taxpayers and assisting the public. The website should be able to answer questions about Kentucky's property tax system, advise of new policies and procedures and statutes relating to property tax. The current certified tax roll is available by address query at no charge. Characteristics, photographs, sketches and maps are available by subscription. Visit the Tax Roll page for complete information.

Kentucky Property tax law established the assessment date of January 1st and all property is assessed as of that date. Ownership of property is set by the same January 1st requirement. When a property is purchased after January 1, Kentucky law requires the tax bill be issued in the name of the former owner until the next calendar year. The PVA office attempts to mail the tax bill to the new owner using the mailing address provided in the deed. If you do not receive a tax bill, please contact the Clark County Sheriff at 859-744-4390 to obtain a copy.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions concerning the PVA office, please contact me.

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Clark County PVA Office
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