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Butler County Property Valuation Administrator's Office

Butler County Phone Numbers
PVA Office
Phone: 270-526-3455
Fax: 270-526-0692
Judge Executive
Phone: 270-526-3433
County Clerk
Phone: 270-526-5676
County Attorney
Phone: 270-526-2044
Circuit Court Clerk
Phone: 270-526-5631 & 270-526-5632
Butler Co. Sheriff
Phone: 270-526-3676
Butler Co. Jail
Phone: 270-526-3505
Butler Co. Coroner
Phone: 270-526-3342
Butler Co. Dispatch
Phone: 270-526-3814
Morgantown City Hall
Phone: 270-526-3557
County Attorney
Phone: 270-526-2044

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