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Suzanne Brosnan was elected PVA in May 2014 and took office December 1, 2014. Prior to being elected PVA, Suzanne worked as Chief Deputy PVA for the prior PVA from 2006 until she took office in 2014. Suzanne also spent 25 years working for the people of Butler County as Secretary, Finance Officer, and Deputy Judge Executive from 1981-2006.

Suzanne gained an Associate’s Degree in Information Systems from Western Kentucky University in 1996 and has continued her education and training throughout her time with the Property Valuation Administration. While working as Chief Deputy, she became a Certified Kentucky Assessor (CKA) and a Senior Kentucky Assessor (SKA) by completing the required training through the State of Kentucky and the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO). Since becoming PVA, Suzanne has continued her training and annually receives 40+ hours of training through the State of Kentucky Department of Revenue.

Suzanne’s door is always open to the people of Butler County, and she looks forward to speaking with you and working for you as PVA.

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