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Filing an Appeal A written record is maintained by the PVA of each conference held. Upon completion of the conference with the PVA, a copy of the written summary results may be provided to the property owner. This copy is to be retained by the property owner and presented to the county clerk showing that a conference was held with the PVA. After this presentation, an appeal is filed. The property owner must obtain and complete an appeals form from the county clerk's office in Barren County. The appeals form requires the property owner to provide general information about the property under appeal. Also required is confirmation that a conference was held with the PVA. The property owner must state his or her opinion of the fair cash value of the property and explain why it is too high. After completion, the property owner must then file the appeals form with the county clerk's office. The county clerk's office will schedule a hearing and notify all property owners when and where their appeal hearing will be held. The last date to file an appeal is one working day after the close of the inspection period. For example, if the inspection period closes on the third Monday of May, then all appeals must be filed in the clerk's office by the close of business on the third Tuesday in May.