You are hereby notified that pursuant to O.C.GA48-5-264.1 (a), representatives of the Newton County Tax Assessors Office, with proper I.D., may enter upon your property during normal business hours, for the purposes of collecting accurate data or any verifications thereof due to any permits issued, return of value filing, revaluations (partial or whole), parcel sales, covenants, land splits, 3 year review and appeal reviews. This includes all residential properties, manufactured home, commercial and industrial properties.

Should you have any questions please contact our office at 770-784-2030.


The Board of Tax Assessors (BTA) is appointed by the Board of County Commissioners for staggered six year terms, have specific responsibilities, and employ the Chief Appraiser who is responsible for the operation and functioning of the county property appraisal staff as per the Official Code of Georgia (OCGA) 48-5-290, 264, & 299. The Chief Appraiser , along with our staff, determines all property values and maintains county tax records with maps for tax purposes, compiles building costs, prepares annual assessments, adheres to policies set forth by the Georgia Department of Revenue, assists the Board of Tax Assessors and the Board of Equalization.

Board of Tax Assessors Meetings are held the second and forth Monday of each month at 4:00 p.m. at the Newton County Executive Offices, 1113 Usher Street in downtown Covington.

In accordance with Georgia Law (OCGA 48-5-264.1), please be advised that staff (appraisers or data collectors) of the Tax Assessors Office periodically conducts field checks to update property records that determine fair market values or other tax assessment related decisions.