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What is Homestead Fraud? Homestead fraud occurs when a person who has filed for homestead exemption or is currently receiving homestead exemption is determined not to be a permanent resident of Candler County, or who is not in good faith residing on the property on which he or she filed. What does the law say? Pursuant to Section 48-5-51 of the Georgia Statutes, property owners who intentionally cheat on their homestead exemption are guilty of a misdemeanor.  In addition, the property shall be taxed in an amount double the tax otherwise to be paid. How does this affect me? Fraudulent homestead exemptions steal from our law enforcement, our schools, and our other public services and can lower our quality of life in Candler County.  Those tax dollars have to be made up somewhere, and the honest tax payers get stuck making up the difference in higher taxes. What can I do to help? If you know or suspect homestead fraud is taking place, let us know about it.  You can do it CONFIDENTIALLY by emailing us at candtax@pineland.net or by contacting our office at 912-685-6346. May part of a homestead be rented? Yes, as long as it is recorded in the tax assessor's records and the applicant lives in a residence on the homesteaded parcel. Is Homestead Exemption removed when the property is sold? Homestead Exemption stays on the property the year of the sale but is removed the following year.  The new owner must apply for the exemption no later than March 1 of the next year. Report Suspected Homestead Exemption Fraud by email to: candtax@pineland.net
Candler County Board of Tax Assessors