By now you have received you 2022 Annual Notice of Assessment from our office. This notice is required by law to be sent to all property owners each year. In the notice you will find many useful pieces of information to include ownership and legal description of the property, whether the property is receiving any exemptions such as Homestead or Conservation use, the properties current and prior fair market values, and an estimate of taxes based on the current year's fair market value, less any exemptions, and the prior year's millage rate(tax rate).

This year we have seen record increases in property values stemming from a very active Real Estate market. Under Georgia law, we are required to value property according to its Fair market value which is the amount a knowledgeable buyer and a willing seller would agree to in a transaction. Our thorough analysis of sales in Bulloch County, coupled with data reported by other independent organizations allows us to feel confident with the values we have placed for the 2022 tax year. You as the property owner have the right to appeal our valuation. We would first encourage you to call or stop by our office and speak with an appraiser to first verify all the data we have on your property is correct, and then discuss how we established your value. If you are still not satisfied, a formal appeal can be filed where you can present your case to the Board of Equalization.

Real and Personal Property Forms and Applications | Georgia Department of Revenue Click Here

To access Homestead Exemption Application click the link above:
Next click on the "LGS-Homestead" link
Fill in the form; print and mail or save and email to (Homestead Email)
Along with application send a copy of proof of Residency (Driver's License, Car Registration, or Voter's Registration)

To access Conservation Application click the link above:
Next click on the "PT-283E" link
Fill in the form; sign, print, and mail along with the $25 filing fee. Please make your check out to "Bulloch County Clerk of Court"
Form should be notarized but if you are unable to have the form notarized, please provide a copy of your driver's license with the form.

To access Personal Property Tax Return click the link above:
Next click on the "PT-50P" link
Fill in the form; print and mail or save and email to
(Personal Property Email)

Bulloch County Tax Assessors
P O Box 1421
Statesboro, GA 30459

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