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All parcels in Washington County have a geographical "section, township and range" common to all parcels in that square mile area. These numbers originate from a boundary marker in Tallahassee and refer to the Square mile area were all or most of the parcel can is found.

You may also search by unit number in the Sunny Hills Subdivision. This subdivision is very large, so you may wish to limit your search using the specific unit.  All parcels in the same unit will have the same unit number. For example, In Sunny Hill Parcel  00000000-19-1088-0004, 19 is the unit number, and all parcels in this unit can be searched using it.  If a parcel has a "00" in this same position, then it must be searched by using the section township and range search criteria.  This information can be found on a parcel's individual record card.

Click here for a Washington County section Map

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