Tax Year 2018 We are now processing for Tax Year 2018.  Our inquiry system now presents "Current Year" information for 2018, working values for 2017, and 2016 tax bill information.  ________________________________________________________________________________________ Listing Period for 2017 Assessment Listing Period 2017:  January 1st through February 28th is the period for listing your real estate assessment for State, County, City and School taxes for the year 2017.  ________________________________________________________________________________________ Tax Year 2017 Our inspection period is May 1st – May 15th and the last day to file an appeal is May 16th, 2017 with the Warren County Court Clerk’s office.  ________________________________________________________________________________________ Homestead/Disability Exemption Allowance: (65 years of age or 100% disabled & drawing disability benefits) January 1, 2017  Homestead (and Disability) Exemption Allowance has been increased to $37,600 for years 2017 and 2018 per KRS 132.810 (2)(e).  (The allowance was previously $36,900 for years 2015 and 2016.)  You may apply in person at the PVA Office.
Warren County PVA Bob Branstetter
    429 E 10th Ave Ste 300     Bowling Green, KY  42101-6800 Phone: 270-843-3268 Fax:270-781-5767 
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