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Sutherland Building, Second Floor 113 East Stephen Foster Avenue Bardstown KY 40004 (502) 348-1810
Personnel PVA OFFICE PERSONNEL PVA Barbara Tichenor PVA since November 1997 PVA deputy from September 1980 to October 1997 Certified Kentucky Assessor- 10/1997 Senior Kentucky Assessor- 8/1999 Phone (502) 348-1810 BarbaraB.Tichenor@ky.gov Chief Deputy Peggy Greenwell Area of expertise:  deed transfers, mapping Employed since August 1986 PeggyH.Greenwell@ky.gov Phone (502) 348-1815 Deputy Tracey Bonzo Area of expertise:  real property assessor Employed since April 2005 Certified Kentucky Assessor  November 2011 Senior Kentucky Assessor  November 2012 TraceyL.Bonzo@ky.gov Phone (502) 348-1813 Deputy Marvin Harned Area of expertise:  field representative Employed since December 1973 Certified Kentucky Assessor:  October 1997 Senior Kentucky Assessor July 1999 EMarvin.Harned@ky.gov Phone (502) 348-1810 Deputy Sabra Mattingly Area of expertise:  real property assessor Employed since April 2003 SabraA.Mattingly@ky.gov Phone (502) 348-1816 Deputy Marsha Raikes Area of expertise:  tangible property, motor vehicles Employed since October 1994 MarshaL.Raikes@ky.gov Phone (502) 348-1814 Deputy Tammy Roberts Area of expertise:  homestead/disability exemptions, motor vehicles Employed since February 1999 Certified Kentucky Assessor- October 2007 Senior Kentucky Assessor- June 2009 TammyJ.Roberts@ky.gov Phone (502) 348-1810 *All of our employees are knowledgeable and willing to assist in any and every aspect of the PVA office.  They receive continuing education courses throughout the year in order to better serve the citizens of Nelson County.
Nelson County Property Valuation Administrator Barbara Tichenor