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The 2017 homestead amount has been increased to $37,600!

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* Note: The PVA is responsible for the fair market value of property and the calculation is an estimate only. The estimate is based upon a standard homestead exemption if checked. Application for any exemptions must be made as detailed in the "Exemptions" section of this site. The fair market value is determined by the PVA and the Property Owner will be notified upon a new change of ownership, change in value, returned value difference, exempt to taxable, or new conservation use covenant. We suggest you use the Purchase Price to obtain your estimate if no physical changes have been made since the valuation on January 1 of the previous year and the current values have not been approved nor the millage rate set on the current year value. The tax estimator is a good faith effort to assist you in planning tax liability for planning purposes only!

2017 Tax Rates are calculated per $100.

District Real Estate Personal Inventory
01 Outside Fire District .8800 N/A N/A
02 Reidland Farley Fire .9510 N/A N/A
03 Hendron Fire .9465 N/A N/A
04 West McCracken Fire .9490 N/A N/A
05 Concord Fire .9550 N/A N/A
06 Lone Oak Fire .9270 N/A N/A
08 Inside City - City Rate 1.04070 N/A N/A
  Inside City - State & County .3390 N/A N/A
  Total 1.3797 N/A N/A

09 City Rate .2710 N/A N/A
  State & County .8590 N/A N/A
  Total 1.1300 N/A N/A

10 Melber Fire District .9230 N/A N/A

District 09 is within annexation area.
The current exemption for Homestead and Disability is $37,600.
Classified Property Tax Rate Structure - Real Property
Classified Property Tax Rate Structure - Tangible Property

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