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Karen's Korner

Karen Bushart, Clark County Property Valuation Administrator The Clark County PVA office operates with the latest technology available. We have added the PVA Map Grid to our website, offering the citizens of Clark County the ability to locate the map numbers of property on the county's most up to date digital map. This enhances the use of the Tax Roll system by allowing subscribers to query by map number. We have put in place in our office, a new tax roll information system that allows queries by sale date, sale price, location, map number, type of home´┐Żany category you can think of. We email digital map information to out of town companies for a minimal charge. All photographs and sketches are in a digital format and available with characteristic and deed information on a single card.

A Tradition Continues...

Dillard Hughes, former Clark County Tax Assessor, 1912I am proud of my family's tradition of public service. My great-grandfather, Dillard Hughes, served as tax assessor in 1912. I am sure that he used all resources available to do the best job possible for the people of Clark County, which is what I vow to do today. The Clark County PVA office leads the state in technology and GIS. We are a member of the Clark County Consortium for GIS (CCGIS). CCGIS maintains a digitized map of Clark County with information attached to a geographic location. Please refer to the CCGIS website www.ccgisonline.com for further information.

I am fortunate to have many opportunities as Clark County PVA to increase the professionalism and visibility of Property Valuation Administrators. I attained my CKA (Certified Kentucky Assessor) and SKA (Senior Kentucky Assessor) designations from the Kentucky Revenue Cabinet. I have served as President of the Kentucky PVA Association for two terms and am currently serving as Chairman of the KY PVA Association Budget Committee. I continue to serve as the IAAO (International Association of Assessing Officers) State Representative for Kentucky, having served since 1995. I serve on the Executive Committee of the Kentucky Chapter of IAAO and serve on the board of directors for KACo (Kentucky Association of Counties). I continue to serve as Chairman of the Clark County Consortium for GIS (CCGIS).

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