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You can search sales by subdivision name, subdivision number or any portion of a parcel number.  You can also search by section, township and range (the first six digits of all parcel numbers) .

All subdivisions are identified by their name OR number. If you are unsure of an exact subdivision name, enter the portion of the name you KNOW to be correct (for example, if unsure of "Pine Ridge" or "Pine Villas", just enter "pine" and a list of subs with "Pine" anywhere in the name will come up.  Click on one of them to continue your search.
Subdivision & Parcel Number Searches:
The first 10 digits of the 18-digit parcel number. Common to all parcels in that subdivision. For example, in parcel number:
01-07-14-0266-0000-0030 , the subdivision number is 01-07-14-0266 .

The section-township-range would be  01-07-14

Subdivision Name:  A subdivision number has a corresponding name.
If you know the subdivision name, choose the name search. 


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