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2017/2018 REAL PROPERTY TAX RELIEF PROGRAM UPDATES The Department of Finance would like to inform all County of Kauai real property owners of the changes to the REAL  PROPERTY LEGISLATION as outlined below.   FOR DEADLINES - CHECK THE BACK PAGE OF YOUR 2017 ASSESSMENT NOTICE ASSESSMENT CAP: The assessed values of all properties classified as Homestead or Commercialized Home Use for the 2016-2017 tax year shall  have their assessed values limited to increases (or decreases) of 3% percent provided the following:  The property has not transferred title and had been classified as either Homestead or Commercialized Home use in the prior  year’s assessment. The physical characteristics of the property have not changed from the prior year, such as new construction, renovations, or  demolition of improvements.  The land characteristics have not changed due to actions taken by the owner, such as subdivision, condominiumization,  consolidation, or rezoning  TAX RELIEF PROGRAMS REQUIRING ANNUAL APPLICATIONS: Very Low Income Tax Credit – owner-occupied properties with current Home Exemption and all titleholders who have a  combined GROSS INCOME not exceeding a maximum set each year, may be eligible for property tax relief, limiting total  real property taxes to 3% of the GROSS INCOME or Minimum Tax, whichever is higher.   Additional Home Exemption for Low Income – owner-occupied properties with a current Home Exemption where the  combined GROSS INCOME from all household members is at or below 80% of the Kaua‘i Median Household Income as  determined annually by the department of Housing and Urban Development.  Home Preservation Tax Limitation – owner-occupants with property value of $750,000 or more after deducting exemptions,  gross income of ALL titleholders does not exceed $100,000 documented by Federal Internal Revenue Income Tax Return  and State of Hawai‘i Income Tax Return, taxes are computed at 3% of total gross income.  REMINDER OF EXISITING TAX PROGRAMS TO ASSIST IN REDUCING YOUR REAL PROPERTY TAXES: EXEMPTIONS – Basic Home Exemption for owner-occupants that use their property as their principal residence (includes  increases for owner’s 60-69 and 70+); Disability exemption for hearing, sight and total disabilities with validation from a  primary care physician; Veterans Disability for 100% disability due to military service; Kuleana for descendants of awardees  from the ‘Great Māhele of 1848’ with submission of marriage, birth, death certificates, genealogy; Safe Room also referred as   Hurricane Shelter based on FEMA requirements. OTHER TAX RELIEF PROGRAMS Long Term Affordable Rentals - residences rented for one-year or longer and at rent  levels that do not exceed the affordable rental rates established by HUD as reported by the Kaua‘i Housing Agency.    2017 - MINIMUM TAX SHALL BE $150, EXCEPT for owner-occupants who qualify for and received the 2017 Income  Exemption, will have a minimum tax floor of $75.00.  Other tax relief programs include exemptions non-profit organizations engaging in charitable uses, low-moderate income housing, Agricultural Use Dedications, Tree Farm exemption, public utility exemption, Commercial Alternative Energy exemption, and an exemption for Historical homes as designated by the Hawai‘i Registry of Historic Places. Application forms shall be made available at the Real Property Assessment Division Office or can be downloaded from the web at www.kauai.gov or www.kauaipropertytax.com.  For more information & to inquire for other  available tax credit &exemption programs, visit our website or contact the Real Property Assessment Division at  4444 Rice Street, Suite A-454, Lihue, Hawaii, 96766 or call (808) 241-4224. 2017 Tax Rates To access Real Property Assessment and Real Property Collection sections of the Kauai County Code, please CLICK HERE and select "Title III TAXATION AND FINANCIAL ADMINISTRATION”