BASIC HOMESTEAD Fulton County Homeowners will receive a $30,000 basic exemption. If you are currently receiving a homestead exemption you do not have to do anything for your homestead exemption to continue, unless there is a change in ownership. If you are a first time homeowner or you become eligible for additional exemption, you have until April 1st to file. Exemption Forms 1. Basic Homestead Exemption Online Form 2. Basic Homestead Exemption Application Instructions
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Open Records For open records requests, please contact our Open Records Custodian, Constance Mackey at 404-612-6407 or email her @ You may also mail open records requests to the following address: Fulton County Board of Assessors 235 Peachtree Street, N.E., Suite 1400 Atlanta, GA. 30303 Attention: Constance Mackey, Open Records Custodian Note that the Board of Assessors office only keeps information regarding property valuation for ad valorem tax purposes.  Tax bill information should be requested from the Fulton County Tax Commissioner’s office.  Copies of deeds and plats must be requested from the Fulton County Clerk of Superior Court.
Fulton County
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