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You can now search sales by  by section, township and range (the first six digits of all parcel numbers). All sections are identified by the the first six digits in a subject properties parcel number.  These identifiers (numbers and letters) are in sets of 2, separated by a dash"-".   For example, in parcel number ,  "20-10-31-5365-00010-0840",   20-10-31 would be it's section,township and range.

For subdivision searches (on most subdivisions) use the first 10 digits in a subject's  parcel number to search for other sales in that subdivision. For example, in parcel number "20-10-31-5365-00010-0840", the first 10 digits would be 20-10-31-5365.  These numbers are common to all parcels in that subdivision (some exceptions apply).
* Include the dashes when searching by subdivision number.

For subdivision name search, enter only the part of the subdivision name that you know is correct.  Remember. "less is more".  For example, if unsure whether the name was "Pine Breeze" or "Pine Acres", just use the search term "Pine".

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