About Townships and Ranges
 Most property in Florida is described in blocks containing 36 square mile sections. These blocks are called "townships". Levy County contains more than 40 whole or partial townships.  (See typical Section Map)

 Each township is described by a north or south "township number" and an east or west "range number". These numbers originate at specific point near downtown Tallahassee in north Florida.

sec-twn-rng- 00907-002-00
02  - 12 - 14 -00907-002-00

Because of Levy's proximity to the state origination marker, all of our "township numbers" are south (as in "township 12 south") and all of our "range numbers" are east (as in "range 14 east"). 

 The first two digits in our parcel number above will tell you the
section number within the township. The second 2 digits will be for the Township and the third 2 digits will be for the Range

 In our example parcel above, the first two numbers are "02" . This tells us that the parcel is located in section 02.  The second four digits, "12-14" tells us this one mile section will be located in Township 12-14.

Refer to the following Levy County Township map for geographical reference.

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