What is a TRIM Notice? Your TRIM or truth-in-millage notice is designed to inform you “The Public” which taxing authority is responsible for the taxes levied and the amount of tax liability owed to each taxing authority on a yearly basis.  Please read it carefully. Your TRIM allows you to compare the prior year assessed value and taxes with the present year assessed value and proposed taxes.  Your TRIM allows you to compare the amount of taxes if there is no budget change for the upcoming year.  Your TRIM will notice the date, time, and location of all budget hearings at which the taxing authorities will hear from the public. Your TRIM, as stated “THIS IS NOT A BILL”, is very important! This is the time to review your assessment.  The taxpayer has (25 days) from the date the TRIM Notice was mailed to discuss with the appraiser his or her assessment or to file a petition with the Clerk of Court to be heard by the VAB (Value Adjustment Board).  Please Note:  The time to review your assessment is during TRIM….not after you have received your “Official” tax bill.    What if I feel my Taxes are too high? The Property Appraiser has no jurisdiction over the amount of taxes you are required to pay only the valuation of the property.  Taxes are determined by the various taxing authorities, which are listed on your TRIM Notice.  If you feel your taxes are excessive, you have the right to voice your opinion to the proper taxing authorities by attending the scheduled budget hearings listed on your TRIM Notice.
Gulf County Property Appraiser
Mitch Burke, CFA
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