Welcome to the Weston, CT Assessor’s Website
You now have access to the property data and values for all real estate parcels in the Town of Weston.  Just click on Search Records and you may select parcels by Owner, Location or Parcel number.  There is also a list of current sales by month, or you may search sales using selected criteria. If you should find errors in the data please contact the Assessor’s Office so that we can research the issue and correct any inaccuracies. The appraised values for all properties in Weston are based on the October 2013 real estate market, the most recently completed revaluation date.  Adjustments in value due to building permits, demolition or other changes to properties are updated annually, using the established 2013 pricing guidelines. The final assessments for the 2013 revaluation, which are 70% of the appraised(market) values, were used to determine the July 1, 2014-June 30, 2015 tax (mill) rate, and ultimately, the individual tax bills. The current records reflect the October 1, 2016 grand list which, when the mill rate is set in May, will determine the July 1, 2017 tax bills. Regards, Denise L. Hames, CCMAII Town of Weston Assessor
Contact Information Assessor Denise L. Hames, CCMAII 203-222-2607 E-mail: dhames@westonct.gov Assessment Technician Donna Werfelman 203-222-2606 E-mail: dwerfelman@westonct.gov Office Fax: 203 222-2506 Hours: Monday - Friday  9:00AM - 4:30PM
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