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Online filing for the Homestead Exemption is now available!

Click on the homestead online filing link to the left and request a passcode be mailed to you.

Although the statutory deadline of March 1st has passed for filing the homestead exemption for 2016, Florida law gives property appraisers discretion in the acceptance, reviewing and granting of late file applications. Applications for the 2016 homestead exemption will be accepted through the VAB petition filing deadline in September. The exact date of which has not been determined. So, I encourage you to file online or in our office even if you did not file by the March 1st deadline. Also, if you've purchased a home in 2016, you can file now, online or in person, for the homestead exemption for 2017.

SCAM ALERT! An outfit called Record Transfer Services is once again send a solicitation through the mail offering to provide property owners a copy of their deed for $83.00. Don't fall for this scam. Copies of deeds are available free of charge from www.baycoclerk.com.

Finding that perfect house or lot or acreage parcel just got easier! Turn on our new MLS Listings layer. Parcels listed on the Bay County Association of Realtors MLS and parcels in Mexico Beach listed on the Franklin/Gulf Counties Realtors Association MLS will be highlighted in purple.  Simply click on a purple parcel to be taken to the Parcel Information Table where you will see a MLS link. Click on that link and you will be taken directly to the listing. I and your local Realtors hope you find this new feature helpful.

Hello. At the Bay County Property Appraiser's Office, our goal is to provide outstanding service to the citizens and property owners of Bay County. We are ever mindful that we work for you. The information provided on our website is regularly maintained for your benefit. I encourage your comments and suggestions; as we are always looking for ways to enhance our site's features. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve you. If I can ever be of assistance, please give me a call or stop by for a visit.

By state law, we must personally view each property in Bay County at least once every five years. That is why our field appraisers are busy these days inspecting, measuring and photographing the exteriors of properties throughout Bay County. Photos are for interoffice use only. Our appraisers are easy to recognize: all of them wear official shirts and each carries a BCPA photo identification card. Feel free to ask to see an ID if you have any concerns. Important Note: Our appraisers will NEVER ask to enter your home, and we will NEVER enter locked backyards. If you have questions about these inspections, please contact our office at (850) 248-8401.

AN OFTEN MISUNDERSTOOD FACT: The Property Appraiser does not determine the amount of taxes a property owner pays. Local Taxing Authorities, the School Board, and the Board of County Commissioners determine your taxes based on the millage rates, or dollars per thousand dollars of value they set. Property owners should not have to fear an appreciation in their property's value if millage rates are adjusted accordingly. As property values increase millage rates should decrease and vice versa. By statute, if property values increase and millage rates remain unchanged, it's a tax increase. The one exception to these rules relates to Save Our Homes. If you have a "Homesteaded" property you may see an increase in your assessed value even while the market value of your home drops. Under Florida Statues, the assessed value of homesteaded properties will increase by the amount of the CPI or 3% whichever is less. In this case your taxes may go up even though the millage rates remain the same.


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2016 Filing Period
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